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PT. Elangperdana Tyre Industry started in producing its first tyre in year 1996. The factory is located at a unique landscape near mountain side in Sub - County Citeureup, Bogor city, three kilometers north of the Sentul International Circuit with a total area of 127,000 sqm of land.

Well planned factory design combined with the latest technology machinery and equipments from Europe is our basic asset in making our tires. Safety Concern, Innovation, Creativity, and Customer Orientation are factors which we have and by combining these factors we produce our tires in order to meet your expectation for a tire.

Our product range is from High Performance Passenger Car Radial tyre, Light Truck Radial Tyre as well as Light Truck to Truck and Buses Conventional Tyres. Thanks to our human resources and equipment, besides selling to our domestic dealers, we have exported as well to over 50 countries around the world.

Our product is all certified with ECE, DOT, In Metro, SASO, GCC and of course our own standard SNI.That's the reason why we are able to get more share in domestic market and more market internationally. However, it doesn't mean our task is done, we will keep on innovating in producing up to date tires according to our loyal customer's expectation.